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 ICRMA Advantages

Participating in ICRMA brings a whole new level of control to your city’s risk management program. For over a quarter of a century, we’ve helped our members operate more efficiently, with greater cost-effectiveness despite the uncertainties of managing a city in an increasingly complex and litigious environment.

Compared to all other insurance and risk management providers, ICRMA delivers its members many more advantages:


  • Group purchasing of insurance secures attractive rates for member cities.
  • Pool participation means lower costs thanks to shared risk with other members.
  • Proactive ICRMA risk management programs and services enable members to drive down exposure and related costs.


  • ICRMA eliminates annual insurance shopping by city staff.


  • Members can budget better due to cost stability despite market fluctuations.


  • Members freely determine and select the risk control services that best fit their individual needs.
  • Pool programs enable each member to select a Self Insured Retention (SIR) level suited to their own budget.
  • Members may access a wide range of insurance programs, including Commercial Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Property, Earthquake & Flood, and SPARTA.


  • Pools and programs are administered by Bickmore Risk Services, one of the nation’s largest and most experience independent risk management service providers.
  • Pool Management retains experts and managers who ongoingly evaluate pool performance, best practices and claim settlements, as well as provide oversight of ICRMAs investment portfolio.
  • ICRMA contracts with an independent firm to audit randomly selected workers compensation files to assure maximum compliance.


  • ICRMA provides professional risk management assistance, invaluable training materials and educational programs at no charge.
  • Member cities are constantly updated on risk management, pool financials and insurance activities related to ICRMA.
  • ICRMA presents quarterly risk management seminars in all areas of operations.
  • ICRMA University offers members wide and deep expertise in all related areas of risk management and offers valuable tools to minimize exposure and costs.
  • Members have access to a complete library of online, video and audio training materials on current loss and pooling topics.
  • Reports and analyses are generated to measure member performance against other pool members and identify “hidden” areas of risk and opportunity.
  • Individual member actuarial studies are provided to support the self insurance funding decisions made by pool members.


  • Grant Fund money is provided to eligible members to supplement their in-house risk management efforts.


  • ICRMA is owned and controlled by its city members, meaning that service and value – not profit – drive the organization.
  • The Governing Board is made up of ICRMA members and directs the activities of the pools, programs and outside administrators to the advantage of its membership.
  • Members are encouraged to participate on the Governing Board, Executive Committee, Claims Committee, and other committees.
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