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With ICRMA at your side, you’re confidently at the helm of your city’s risk management program! Here are just some of the benefits of becoming an ICRMA member:

  • Actively select your own Self-Insured Retention levels each policy year,
  • Choose from a wide range of risk sharing or joint purchase insurance programs, including Liability, Property, and Workers' Compensation
  • Predict and budget annual pool rates and excess insurance costs, thereby avoiding unforeseen increases in program deposits. We help you budget for annual program expense projections to avoid surprises
  • Enjoy the cost benefits of group purchased excess insurance programs whether you choose to risk share or not
  • Access a deep well of invaluable educational and professional resources so you can reduce costs proactively, in a customized manner.
  • Receive timely reports and professional analyses to help you assess your city's loss exposure, thereby controlling your true cost of risk,
  • Help guide the course of the organization itself, as each member serves on the Governing Board, and you can volunteer for service on several formal or ad-hoc Committees advising the Governing Board.
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