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 Data Submission

Every current and withdrawn member of ICRMA is required to submit loss data to ICRMA. Loss data is used for a myriad of things, including underwriting, actuarial reports, budgeting, etc.

In an effort to simplify, standardize, and secure the submission of loss information and make this process more efficient, Bickmore Risk Services (BRS) has evaluated the existing ICRMA loss data reporting process and deemed it necessary to make significant improvements. Some of these changes are being made to ensure uniformity of the loss data, while others are made to ensure the claims information included within the submissions are secured. The goal of this standardization is to eliminate future changes to the requests, ensure consistency between the various requests that you must currently respond to, and eliminate the need for you to provide loss data to numerous sources at different times throughout the year.

To upload the files using Secure Insurance ( (note that this is an SSL (secure) site and the prefix is https and not http), login to the site using your e-mail address and password. If you have not previously used the site, you can easily register by clicking on the registration link ( on the home page and following the registration instructions. ICRMA files sent using Secure Insurance should be delivered to If you need any assistance registering or submitting the data, please contact Bickmore at (916) 244-1100.

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