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 Insured Programs

Reporting Claims:

Timely reporting plays a critical role in any claim. Furthermore, late-reported claims may be excluded from coverage. It is critical that you report the claim as soon as you discover the damage. Do not wait for police reports or damage repair estimates before reporting a claim. It is also important that you do not repair the property before the claims adjuster has had an opportunity to speak with your agency's risk manager. If there is a possibility of further damage before permanent repairs can begin, perform temporary repairs, e.g. board up broken windows, protect property exposed to rain, or get professional help if extensive water damage occurred.

Claim Correspondence:

In the event of a loss or damage to covered property, provide the claims department with the following:

  1. Description of the property involved (including a description of how, when, and where the loss or damage occurred)
  2. If available, provide photos of the damage
  3. Notify the carrier if a law may have been broken
  4. Cooperate with the carrier in the investigation and settlement of the claim

All supplemental claim information and general claim correspondence must be sent to:

AJGRMS Claims Department,, Phone: (415) 546-9300, Fax: (415) 536-4036

Property Program Including Earthquake and Flood

This Program offers coverage to buildings, personal property, course of construction, newly acquired property, mobile equipment and vehicles (while on premises), electrical equipment, mechanical breakdown (“Boiler & Machinery”), and coverage for police/fire dogs and horses.  The coverage is offered on a full replacement cost basis and allows a choice of deductible ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. The Earthquake and Flood deductible is 5%.

All Risk Property Program

While this Program offers coverage for direct damage by earthquake sprinkler leakage, it does not include coverage for loss by earthquake or flood. It provides coverage to buildings, personal property, course of construction, newly acquired property, mobile equipment and vehicles (while on premises), electrical equipment, mechanical breakdown (“Boiler & Machinery”), and coverage for police/fire dogs and horses.  The deductible is $10,000 per loss.

 DIC (“Difference In Conditions”)

This coverage is available to cities that do not want to insure all buildings for earthquake and/or flood, but instead prefer to add the coverage to specific locations.  The policy is tailored to the city’s specific needs and carries a 5% loss deductible.

Crime Program

The Crime Insurance Coverage Program provides blanket coverage for dishonest acts of employees (embezzlement, fraudulent transfer of funds, theft of cash), forgery or alteration, computer fraud, fund transfer fraud, and outside premise robbery.  The crime coverage includes $1,000,000 limits and a $5,000 deductible. The blanket coverage applies to all employees rather than specific positions, reducing the opportunity for coverage gaps where loss is contributed to by collusion among more than one employee.

 Prior to January 1, 1997, the California Government Code required that local public agency treasurers be individually bonded. In addition, the City Council also had the authority to require bonds of other officers or employees. In January 1997, California Government Code Section 1481 was amended to extend master bonding provisions to local public agencies. The City Council is required, however, to adopt a resolution approving coverage of all officers and employees under one master bond. Template resolutions are available upon request for members wishing to join the program.

Auto Physical Damage Coverage Program

The Auto Physical Damage Coverage Program (APD Program) provides comprehensive and collision insurance coverage for damage to scheduled vehicles.  The APD Program includes $10,000,000 limits with a $5,000,000 sublimit on losses caused by earthquake. Members may select from $5,000 or $10,000 deductibles.

Members that do not have stand-alone APD insurance policies have limited coverage through the ICRMA property program. Property program coverage for APD losses is limited to on-premises coverage only. Further, the property program does not include coverage for losses due to collision, earthquake, or flood, and is subject to a $50,000 deductible. The ICRMA APD Program includes broader coverage and limits at a much lower ($5,000 or $10,000) deductible. 

Cyber Coverage

The Privacy and Network Security Policy includes:

1.      ACE Privacy and Network Liability Coverage Grants, including Privacy Liability, Network Security Liability, Media Liability, Network Extortion Liability, and Data Breach Fund.

2.      ACE Data Breach Coach, an independent law firm specializing in data breach events, to assist the city in determining if it has a network security breach incident, and/or is Personal Identifiable Information (PII) for which the city obligated to keep secure has been lost or stolen. The ACE Data Coach will then work with the city to determine the appropriate response to the event, drawing from the resources provided by the ACE Data Breach Team. Expenditure of the $25,000 deductible is not required to obtain advice free of charge.

3.      ACE Data Breach Team, a panel of 17 industry-leading third party vendors specializing in digital forensics, medical ID fraud monitoring, customer notification, public relations, fraud consultation, credit monitoring and payment card industry investigations.

Data Breach Coach hotline: (800) 817-2665. Notice of claim:

Special Events/SPARTA

ICRMA offers the Special Events Program to its members to provide easy access to low-cost coverage to individuals or groups seeking to hold special events on city owned or managed property. The SPARTA Program is also available to provide coverage for small contractors and artists who may have difficulty meeting member city insurance requirements. It provides an efficient application process to obtain low cost coverage from a solidly rated carrier. The broker for both programs, Merriwether Williams,  may be reached at 800-420-0555. For online applications, go to

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