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 Liability Program

ICRMA provides coverage on an occurrence basis to members from their self-insured retentions (SIR’s) up to ICRMA’s pool retention, with the purchase of reinsurance above that amount. Currently the ICRMA’s retention is $5 million with reinsurance up to $30 million. Members pay an annual contribution consisting of actuarially determined losses, administrative expenses, and reinsurance.

Public Crisis Event Coverage:

Members have unique coverage through the Independent Cities Risk Management Authority (ICRMA). Public Crisis Event Coverage provides payment for expenses incurred during an event that generates adverse multi-state or national news, or that has components of escalating intensity that interfere with normal operations of the City. ICRMA’s reinsurer will pay, on behalf of the Member City, reasonable and necessary expenses incurred during a crisis event. This program offers coverage from the first dollar and is not subject to a deductible or self-insured retention.

Crisis Events must be reported as soon as possible to trigger coverage. Members receive assistance from a crisis communication firm to respond to the media, and to maintain or restore public confidence in the Member agency. Please see the Crisis Response link on the Safety and Risk Control page for a complete description of the coverage as well as reporting information.


Report a Liability Claim

ICRMA member claims should be entered in the third-party claim administrator’s system within two working days of receipt of the loss.

Within 30 days of the City’s receipt of notice of a claim, the Member is required to report the claim to ICRMA in accordance with the applicable Memorandum of Coverage (MOC). Some members have contractually transferred this responsibility to their selected TPA, but this remains the Member's responsibility per the MOC. Click here for the 2015-2016 MOC.

All ICRMA reportable claims should be emailed to:

ICRMA’s litigation manager will be responsible for reporting to ICRMA’s excess insurer(s) or re-insurer(s).


Third Party Performance Standards

The ICRMA Governing Board adopted Performance Standards for liability TPAs to ensure appropriate claims handling. Click here to download a PDF version of the Standards.


Adjusters Report

This report template was created to ensure adjusters provide consistent and complete updates to ICRMA.


Timeframe Action
2 working days
  • Open claim
  • Acknowledge receipt of claim
  • Complete two-point contact
  • Set reserves
3 working days
  • Within 3 days of significant developments, adjust reserves to reflect status
15 working days
  • Complete investigation
  • Liability and damages assessment
30 days
  • Prepare captioned report
60 day intervals
  • Update action plan
  • Update diary
90 day intervals
  • Update reserves
60 days post settlement/verdict
  • Ensure all invoices have been received
  • Close claim

TPA Timeline Summary

The timeline summary is meant to serve as a helpful summary. Please refer to the Performance Standards for complete details.

Litigation Management Policies and Procedures

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