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 Workers’ Compensation Program

The Workers’ Compensation Program provides coverage to members above their SIRs, up to the ICRMA self-funded level, with the joint purchase of excess workers’ compensation insurance above that amount. Currently, the ICRMA retention is $5 million with excess coverage with statutory limits. Members pay an annual contribution consisting of actuarially determined losses, administrative expenses and excess insurance. ICRMA's Workers' Compensation Manager provides claims oversight by conducting periodic claim file reviews and assessing the members' TPA performance.

Report a Workers’ Compensation Claim

ICRMA member workers’ compensation claims should be reported directly to each member’s respective third-party claim administrator (TPA) within two working days of knowledge of the incident or injury. 

Member’s employees are required to report any work related incident or injury to the Company Nurse Triage Hotline at (877) 223-9310

All excess reportable claims should be emailed to the ICRMA Workers’ Compensation Manager at and you may click here for the acceptable reporting form. The 2015/16 Workers' Compensation Memorandum of coverage with reporting requirements is available here. The Workers’ Compensation Manager will be responsible for reporting to excess insurer(s) or re-insurer(s).

Third Party Performance Standards

The Governing Board adopted Performance Standards for Workers’ Compensation TPAs to ensure appropriate claims handling. Click here to download the Standards.

 Member Self-Insured Retentions (SIR)





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